UV-ray Disinfecting Chamber


Naturizzata water systems are unique units designed by Sidea Italia. Each unit includes the specialized, engineered water filtration cartridges and the Sidea Italia patented UV-ray disinfecting chamber.

Coiled & Disinfected

The UV-ray disinfecting chamber contains a pipe coiled around a UV light. The water flows through the pipe, circling the UV light, which disinfects the water, removing any bacteria.


As you can see in the above figure, this unique design is superior to the traditional system. In the traditional system, the water passes through a shorter pipe, straight down (or across, depending on if the system is set vertically or horizontally). With the specialized coil, the naturizzatori system ensures that the water is exposed for a period 10 times longer than the traditional system as well as utilizing the reflection chamber to double the effect of the UV rays on the water’s treatment. Additionally, the swirling vortex caused by the coiling system allows for the greatest exposure of all the water travelling though the coil.

How effective is it?

Laboratory tests have proven that the Naturizzatori system can purify even the most bacteria-laden water. Think about the worst drain water you’ve ever witnessed … the naturizzata water co.’s systems will clean it for you.

This patented system sets the Sidea Italia systems apart as a leading manufacturer in purified and filtered water.

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