Client Reviews

“At La Lousiane we are always looking to be a step ahead, looking for the next best thing for our clients. “Never stand still” is our adage. Today it is about the total dining experience so we upped our game and brought in the specialized water system from Naturizzata Water Co. for all our clients. Not only does the water taste incredible and go along with our philosophy of doing whatever we can for the environment; it also cleanses your palette perfectly for the next taste of our Cajun and Creole flavors. Great product!

Ready to serve you Naturizzata with your favorite dish! Don’t miss the hot new Jellyfish Crudo & Charbon!

Loving Naturizzata water at 40 WESTT

“My chef Francois Laurin, our sommelier and I were looking for a water solution to complement our specialized cuisine and privately imported wines. The old bottled water standards were simply not cutting it anymore, they had a heavy taste or were too gassy. Not to mention, they did not meet our aspirations of becoming more environmentally friendly. Naturizzata Water co. was right up our alley, straight from the Mediterranean like our wines and cuisine, great tasting chilled water, Champagne like sparkling water and eco-friendly, could not of asked for more!”
– Victor Batista, Owner, Restaurant Doca

“Inferno prides itself as being progressive, a restaurant of the new generation, offering not the old but the new and keeping up with a savvy clientele. For today’s clients, it’s all about fresh produce, pure quality, healthy benefits and the environment, what we call the total dining experience. One of the changes we made was from bottled water to the Naturizzta water system; it was a perfect fit and met all our goals, the bottles are super cool and our customers love the change.”
– Nicola de Palma, Owner, Inferno

Loving Naturizzata water at Houston Avenue

Loving OUR Naturizzata water!

“As a mom, I am so happy to have this machine in my house for my kids. They are always drinking water now. My 8 year old daughter is addicted to the sparkling, which is great, no added sugar, sodium or preservatives, and no more sodas!”
– Rosanna Lopez, On

“Best decision I could have made for my team at IQWare! I didn’t realize how important water was until after I installed the Naturizzata system and my staff keeps thanking me. From the purchase to the installation to after care service, thank you Naturizzata Freshwater!”
– Francois Greffard, Chief Operating Officer, IQWare International

“Here at the Saint Raphael Golf Club, we pride ourselves on offering our members and guests top quality service and products. Naturally, we chose a company who fills our own beliefs and profile. Naturizzata Freshwater maintains the utmost in service and client care. My members greatly enjoy Naturizzata water both on the golf course in our restaurant and banquet facility. One of our best decisions was to introduce this system.”
– Silvio Sicoli, General manager, Saint Raphael Golf Club, QC

The Naturizzata Thermo Bottle is taking flight!

“I wish more restaurants would go this route, environmentally friendly, local and healthy! Easy to use, no more storing and ordering cases of bottled water. Clients really do appreciate this move towards being green, thank you Naturizzata!”
– Franco Passa, Owner, Ristorante Quattro, QC

“I was a bit doubtful in the beginning, I wasn’t sure if my customers were going to accept the switch from brand name bottled water to an Eco-friendly alternative. Not only have they accepted it, they love Naturizzata! It was a great decision, and I recommend everyone in the restaurant industry to get one!”
– John Leonardos, Owner, Dundees Montreal, QC

Fabulous creole eats and Naturizzata water.


Great times with friends at Le Cinq enjoying great food, delicious cocktails and refreshing Naturizzata!

Cafe De Mercanti is ready! Fill station in NDG, all coffee prepared with Naturizzata.

40westt is all set and ready to serve you fresh delicious Naturizzata with your favorite dish!

Thank you Naturizzata, we love offering a greener healthier local product to our clients!
– Franco

A great cause and a great evening, Strangers in the night benefiting The Starlight Foundation.

Loving water4life
– Famiglia

Truffles Burger Bar

Didn’t believe how good it was – we are true believers now!
– Joe & Sabrina

“Testimonials, not our usual thing, however Naturizzta Water Co. Deserves one! First of all, great decision on our part to go with Naturizzata, as we had a couple of choices. The water itself is fabulous and the system is easy to use and problem free. We bought and had them install one of their smaller units, but after 2 months we called them back and told them that the water was so popular that we needed a larger unit after all to keep up with the demand. Without a question, they came by and switched out the units and upgraded the machine. We have a second restaurant and now a second system. Great water, great people!”

–Oliver Zimbel, Owner, Brasserie Lucilles

The Naturizzata Ice Bottle is off to see Santa

“At Le Cinq we were going through a lot of bottled water, almost one or two bottles at every table. This was very taxing on our storage areas and our refrigeration and we knew the environmental costs. We needed a solution and not just a filter, we needed a high end quality product in sparkling and chilled to meet the needs of our discerning clients. A couple of friends suggested we talk with Naturizzta Water Co., and we were not disappointed that we did! The decision was easily made and the system was installed. Our clients love the water, and we even sell the bottles as souvenirs, thanks Naturizzata!”
–Johnny Setaro, Owner, Le Cinq

Now serving Naturizzata at Cartel

Opening party at Ossiano Montreal

“Coming from Tuscany, the Naturizzata water system was just perfect for us. At Il Piatto Pieno we have created a unique Italian atmosphere, using all natural ingredients, serving authentic Italian cuisine right here in Montreal. What better than a fine Italian water system, with Champagne like sparkling water and clean, pure and fresh chilled water, served in elegant glass bottles. Our guests love the eco appeal of Naturizzata and even more they love the water.”
–Il Piatto Pieno, Owner, Luciano Recine

Staying hydrated on the golf course in South Carolina with the 24h cold Naturizzata water bottle.

“I am very happy with our Naturizzata system. Great support from the company and the product is top notch, especially the bottles. My clients enjoy it, my staff enjoys it, and I love it.”
–Andrew Martyn, CEO, Falcon Asset Management, ON

“In the banquet industry, we go through thousands of bottles of water. Our decision to go with Naturizzata has lessened our carbon footprint and helped us protect the environment from thousands of disposable bottles. It has also saved us time, money and space. We have the machines in all our locations, and will place them in any future locations. Great product, great company”.
– Vince Morena, President, PMG Group

“There is definitely a buzz about this water. Every one of my clients love it! My partner even bought one for his house. I love that it comes out ice cold, and the sparkling water is so light and refreshing. Not only is it easy to use, fast and saves space, we are saving a significant amount of money, and selling more water than ever before, thanks Naturizzata Freshwater!”
– Danny DeMarco, Owner, La Bella Italiana

“Incredible! That’s the best way to describe the Naturizzata water solution. My team loves their new chilled and sparkling water system by Naturizzata Water. What an improvement, I have never had so many compliments about a product from my team and my guests. My staff members are even taking it home. Also, several of our associates have inquired where they can get their own system! Healthy, great tasting, eco-friendly, no storage and unlimited quantities, this has to be our best office decision this year.”
– Michael WiengartenCEO at TFS

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La meilleur eau en ville!
– Clients Quattro

We love Naturizzata!
– Franco, Nino & Vince, Quattro owners

Plaza Volare

C’est un plaisir de collaborer avec vous et votre équipe!
– Fanny Alaizeau, Gérante – Maitre d’Hôtel, Restaurant LALOUX

Naturizzata on the golf course…refreshing!

San Marzano

We absolutely love Naturizzata , best decision we could have made. Our members love it on the course and our guests ask for it by name!
– Silvio Sicoli and the Saint Raphael team

3 Generations loving Naturizzata! Come join us at La Strada in Lachine.

We love our Naturizzata water at Moes in Pointe Claire!

Great water!
– Vince Morena PMG Group – Plaza Volare