Start the Wave of Change: Reduce the Hospitality Industry’s Carbon Footprint


Within the hospitality industry, each food-service establishment contributes an average of 10 or more disposable bottles per establishment each day. There are over 87,000 establishments in Canada alone – this means that every year over 365,000,000 disposable bottles are tossed,with 80% ending up in landfills or worse – our oceans, parks and forests!

How can we help? What can we do? These big organizations, they can be intimidating and seem unchanging. However, we can encourage these establishments and show them that they have a corporate responsibility to the environment so that we leave the world a better, more beautiful place for future generations. We need your help in protecting our environment. 

It’s simple really. Start the wave of change and demand an eco-friendly solution from the hospitality industry. Tell them “iChoose-Eco”.

Click here to get started – complete the iChoose-Eco Survey.

Our survey is designed to show hospitality industry leaders that their customers want to reduce their carbon footprint, not just at home, but also at their favourite restaurants, spas and hotels. The results will be sent to government officials and industry leaders to influence them to take action to protect the environment. You can show these powerful people that you choose eco by completing the survey – start the wave of change and demand an alternative!

Together we can make waves of change and create a better world

Like the waves of the ocean, change begins small. As it gathers speed toward the shore, it grows in size and crests as it reaches the shore, smoothing out the imperfections in the sand, leaving a clean slate behind.

Think this is an impossible task? With as little as a 5% shift in traffic flow to eco-friendly establishments, the industry begins to notice as revenues start to fall. As the shift approaches the 10% range, the waves of change are now undeniable and industry leaders start scrambling to adapt to the new reality.

Consider the statistics of this vast, impressive industry.
Source: wikipedia

  • There are 86,915 commercial food services in Canada.
  • By segment, they are:
    • Full-service restaurants – 38,797
    • Limited-service restaurants – 34,629
    • Contract and social caterers – 741
    • Drinking places – 6,749
  • 63% of Canadian restaurants are independent brands
  • 37% of Canadian restaurants are chain restaurants, many of which are locally owned and operated

You can help make that happen! Learn more on our survey page. 

Proclaim “iChoose-Eco” today and start the wave of change.

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