Special Carbon Filters by Sidea Italia


Imagine if you could shrink the biggest and best water bottling factory or plant to a size so small that it could sit on or under your own counter. Imagine that the same factory could produce the finest tasting, freshest and healthiest still and sparkling water available on the entire planet. Imagine if that factory’s carbon footprint could be reduced by more than 99%. Imagine a time when we are not polluting our children’s planet with billions and billions of disposable bottles every year. The demand for change is here and the voice of the public is growing louder every day.

Leading the Charge

One company that is leading this change to a better world is Sidea Italia, the creators of naturizzata water systems. Their systems provide:

  • Limitless pure, filtered water available at the turn of a handle, right there on your counter top.
  • Unprecedented quality that transforms any locally sourced water into the incredible naturizzata water brand.

How do they do it?

Each naturizzata water system uses the Naturizzatore treatment system, which includes specialized, engineered water filtration cartridges exclusively owned by, and created for, Sidea Italia. 


Naturizzata-Carbon-Filter-1024x648Water Flow
Sidea Italia’s special carbon filters were designed after the careful study of water flows; the filters have a shower-like stream of water, instead of the central flow that common carbon filters use (see diagram above). In fact, two filters are used in the naturizzata water systems. Water enters the first filter from the bottom, running through the carbon – which pulls out any particles and contaminates – and then flows into the second filter from the top.

This unique water flow means more water running through the carbon filter, water is always flowing (preventing pockets of stagnant water where bacteria can develop) and the full potential of the carbon is realized.

Carbon Construction
The special carbon filters are packed with active carbon produced by processing coconuts. This makes them biodegradable and can be disposed of as household waste without having to separate plastic from carbon.

Also, the act of packing the filter with carbon prevents pockets of space that could lead to stagnant water.

The filters have a specific particle size (shape and size) that increases the contact of the filters with water and improves the absorption rate of the carbon. (“Absorption” is the technical term for activated carbon’s ability to attract and retain chemicals present in water.)

Filter Installation
Before a filter is put in a naturizzata water system, it is passed through an ultrasound device that eliminates any adhesive or chemical elements. Then, at the time of installation, our technicians wash the filters to remove any residual carbon dust or particles. This is all done to ensure the safety and quality of the final product – the water in your glass.

In all naturizzata water systems, the water also passes through a UV-ray disinfecting chamber – patented by Sidea Italia – after it has been filtered.  The results speak for themselves. Naturizzata water stands alone in its refined taste and quality.

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