Water filtration Systems for Spas


If you’re the proud owner of a spa, you need to make the atmosphere as calm and relaxing as possible for your guests. Guests want to know that they will be pampered as soon as they step foot in the door. Many spa owners decide to provide unfiltered water from a water cooler or sometimes even bottled water to their guests. The problem is that water from a cooler often doesn’t taste very good or is warm. Providing single-use water bottles to every guest is also is not an environmentally friendly option.
Our Naturizzata water and sparkling water filtration systems for spas in Canada can provide you with better options. You can easily and inexpensively impress all of your guests by providing them with the fabulous taste of our filtered sparkling or still water. This may seem like a small detail, but it will bring big results when clients realize you are going the extra mile to make them feel pampered and comfortable.
To achieve this goal we can provide you with a variety of counter tops or water tower water/sparkling filtration units.
Besides our water filtration units being used in spas you will also find our systems used at some of your favorite restaurants, hotels, gyms,offices and retail shops and even at home. Find out how your business can become the proud owner of one our units by calling or filling out the online form. One of our trained water specialist will call you back and provide you with a free estimate and information to help you make an informed decision.

Take Care of Your Clients & the Environment

Guests of your spa want to enjoy a relaxing experience. They may choose a pedicure, manicure, massage, facial, sunless tanning and waxing treatment. However, you can also appeal to your guests’ environmental concerns by going green. Eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from your spa. Instead, provide great tasting filtered water from one of our water filtration systems for spas. Another great option is to give guests one of our reusable and elegant glass water carafes with your company logo.
This eco-friendly option will reduce the number of bottles filling the landfills and reduce the pollution associated with transportation and manufacturing bottled water. Your guests will appreciate the fact that you are taking care of not only their minds and body, but also the environment!

Ensure Cold Water is Available 24/7

Your guests want to enjoy every moment of their spa experience. That’s why you need to consider every detail from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. If you choose one of our Italian-designed counter or tower units, you can ensure your guests will always have access to the finest quality still and sparkling water. You won’t need to be concerned about running out of bottled water or constantly refilling a water cooler to accommodate your guests. Some of our Naturizzata water and sparkling water filtration systems for spas in Canada offer a very large chilling capacity. They are ideal for larger spas that experience a very heavy inflow of traffic.

Increase Your Usable Work Space

If you own a spa and are short on space, you’ll appreciate the fact that you won’t have to store any bottles of water. Our under-the-counter water filtration systems for spas can be neatly hidden away, ready to dispense great tasting water without taking up valuable space. If you have a fridge at your company, it won’t be filled up with plastic or glass water bottles. Eliminating the need for plastic bottles will also save you valuable shelf space. This will free up room to display more products or add more work stations to bring in even more clients.