Spas: Rejuvenating Guests and their Skin with Filtered & Purified Water


Today’s high-end spas are about more than just getting your nails done. They focus on providing an enriching experience that encompasses health, wellness and radiance, so that their guests leave feeling refreshed. This experience includes such buzzwords as “mud wraps”, “detoxification”, “rejuvenation” and “relaxation”. The best spas in Canada know that providing this experience requires an all-encompassing focus – they pay attention to even the smallest details from décor to the water they serve.

We’ve already explored the use of water in spas this past April in our article Relaxation and Hydration: Canada’s Spas. The water choice high-end spas make depends on more than just being environmentally friendly; they also choose water for the health benefits, such as rejuvenating their guests’ skin.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science (2007), drinking 2.25 liters (9.5 cups) of water each day for four weeks will alter your skin’s density and thickness. This is because being properly hydrated increases the blood flow to the skin, allowing you body to strengthen and hydrate properly.

 What does this mean exactly?

Without proper hydration, skin tends to look dull, wrinkled and porous. Increased blood flow to your epidermis keeps the skin hydrated, plump and elastic, giving you a healthy glow, smoother skin and less irritations or blemishes. In fact, drinking enough water each day is known to prevent acne, since it will prevent oily build up by “flushing” the oil out of your pores.

Keeping properly hydrated will also keep your skin from flaking, tightening and peeling. Dry skin is, after all, more prone to showing the signs of age.

One of the many goals today’s spas aim to achieve is to ensure their guests feel young again, and making their skin shine is one of the many ways they can do this. However, their water source – bottles – may be deterring from this and creating quite the opposite effect.

Analyzing the effects of bottled water on your health

Bottled water, whether it is the individual bottles purchased in bulk or the larger water cooler jugs, can introduce harmful chemicals into the body.  In 2007, William Shotyk, a Canadian scientist, released the results of his study on the chemicals found in bottled water (The Canadian Press, 2006). He discovered that the longer water was kept in the bottle, the more chemicals leached into the water. The major chemical, according to Shotyk, is Animony, a white metallic element that, in small doses, can cause nausea, dizziness and depression. The levels found in bottled water never exceeded the drinking water standards set by Health Canada and thus do not pose a threat to health as per the government.

Another study completed by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and published in 2009 found that students who drank from plastic bottles had a two-thirds increase of bisphenol A (BPA) in their urine (Livescience, 2009). Near the same time as the Harvard study, the University of Rochester released a study revealing that BPA stays in the system for longer than other chemicals.

While BPA-free products are lining the shelves, there are still chemicals being released into water via plastic bottles. A study conducted in 2011 revealed that most plastic products release estrogenic chemicals. These chemicals aren’t as harmful as BPA or antimony, but they do have an effect on your health.  Which means that each bottle of water we consume introduces trace amounts of a chemicals into our system, chemicals that deter from the water’s healthy benefits to our skin.

Filtered and purified water is the answer

Water filtration and purification systems are becoming more and more prevalent in spas, restaurants and hotels. It’s no surprise when you think about how many chemicals these systems keep out of your guests’ drinking glass. Naturizzata systems provide chilled and sparkling water that is cost effective, creates less headaches when it comes to stocking up and requires almost no storage.

Naturizzata’s systems ensure that each glass of water you serve at your establishment is chemical free – no BPA, no antimony and no estrogenic chemicals – because the water never sits in plastic storage. In addition, the system filters out bacteria and particles that are found in tap water or living on the taps of water coolers, utilizing their patented UV technology.

One of the advantages of having a Naturizzata water system in your spa: you can offer your guests unlimited chilled AND sparkling water that tastes so fine they will be drinking by the litre, without all the storage problems and costs associated with bottled water.

Spas that want to keep negative chemical additives out of their water in order to ensure that their guests have truly beautiful skin trust filtered and purified Naturizzata water to keep guests hydrated. Discover the benefits yourself!