Benefits for Retail

As a retail owner, you need to take care of your customers so that they will want to return time and time again. Given today’s competitive market, the presence of online companies, and the increased number of choices available to consumers, this can be increasingly difficult to do. Fortunately, Naturizzata Water can offer you a very cost-effective and ecofriendly way to impress and retain customers. We sell a wide variety of water filtration systems for retail stores in Canada by Naturizzata to suit your company’s needs and budget. You can choose from counter tops or water tower models.

You can find Naturizzata water filtrations systems across Canada in commercial businesses such as restaurants, hotels, spas, gyms, retail shops and offices. Call today or fill out an online form and receive a free estimate from one of our trained staff.

Energize Your Staff

Statistics reveal how important it is to keep your employees well hydrated. They will not only be healthier and use fewer sick days, but become more energized and productive. Therefore, providing the finest quality still or sparkling water via one of our water filtration systems is a win-win situation for everyone. Your employees will remain healthy and energized throughout the day, while you will experience higher returns as a result. Some of the counter and tower units we offer are large enough to ensure fresh, chilled water is available for all of your employees throughout their entire shift.

Engage New Clients

You are probably constantly trying to come up with new ideas on how to attract and engage customers. Why not install one of our water filtration systems for retail stores Canada by Naturizzata at all of your retail locations? Advise every staff member to offer new clients some of fabulous tasting, eco-friendly water. It contains no preservatives or chemicals and is always cold. This is an effective ice-breaker that will make it easier for your staff to engage customers. These individuals will be much more responsive and engaged once they take the first sip of our amazing filtered water.

Elevate Your Brand

In addition to our innovative water filtration systems, we can provide reusable glass bottles with your company logo. These are great items to include in your promotional giveaways, to distribute at local and international marketing events, or to provide to your long-term or high-end clients. Giving away branded logo glass bottles is a very eco-friendly and effective marketing solution.

Another option is to offer a free glass bottle of water with any purchase to repeat clientele. They’ll be constantly reminded of what sets you apart from other retailers every time they see your company logo on the elegant glass carafes. They will appreciate this extra touch and your company’s commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible.

Attract New Clientele

If you want to attract new clientele, you can also sell branded hydration bottles. They provide great advertising for your location and remind clients that you are a green company. Invite each customer who purchases one to return any time to refill their bottle with the pure, filtered water from one of our Italian-designed water filtration systems for retail stores Canada by Naturizzata. These refilling stations can attract a lot of new customers without you having to spend a lot of money. They can enjoy the refreshing taste of our unique filtered water just before they leave your establishment, leaving them with a very positive impression of your company.