Restaurants & Hospitality: The Shift to Enhanced Dining Experiences


In the competitive battle for hospitality revenues, restaurateurs are turning to enhanced dining experiences for their guests. This experience encompasses more than just great food; it includes quality service and exceptional products – from the dishware to the service and the environment.

We need to offer more to our clients; they need options. Take the general water solution for instance: your executive chef spends hours and money on specific ingredients to create delicious dishes with picture perfect looks and incredible tastes. Which is great!

However, 90% or more of your guests are still ordering tap water. Many are concerned with the impact that bottled water is having on the environment. For others, paying $6 to $8 for a bottle of water is not very realistic.

If you’re investing so much time and money into creating the perfect meal and serving a fine wine, why would you permit 90% of your guests to spoil that experience with poor-tasting and heavily-chlorinated tap water? And why would you serve that water in plastic pitchers, like back in the 80s, or the tall glasses of ice water that no one even touches?

This is where an enhanced dining experience comes in. Making an instrumental change in our thinking with regards to our water solutions will improve the guests’ experience by providing a quality product, an aesthetic product presentation, a better environmental impact and an acceptable price point.

Investing in a specialized still and sparkling water filtration system for your restaurant or hospitality service will ensure that the water your guests receive is delicious, green-friendly and affordable. An Enhanced Dining Experience with Naturizzata Water Co’s solution will take your guest dining experience to the next level.

All of our restaurant and hospitality guests should be entitled to similar, if not the same, experience. As they say in the Marine Corps: “We leave no man behind!” Similarly, no guest should ever be left behind when it comes to a special experience at your establishment. Today’s restaurateur and hospitality specialists must bring their best game, deliver the experiences and meet the expectations of their guests, whether they are green-friendly, cost-conscious or experience-centric.

Act now and ensure that all of your guests leave your restaurant buzzing with praise on all aspects of their experience.

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