Benefits for Office

Increase Productivity & Revenue

Did you know that you can exist without food for weeks, but only approximately 5-7 days without water? It is important to provide high-quality water to your employees in order to promote a healthier workforce and increase productivity. Poor hydration can lead to mood swings, irritability, stress and anxiety, short-term memory loss, headaches, poor concentration, tiredness and impaired performance. A large consumption of colas, coffee and sugary drinks decreases hydration and adversely affects the attitude and health of team members.

On the other hand, individuals who are well hydrated tend to be healthier, are able to concentrate more effectively, and maintain higher energy levels. These employees also tend to experience fewer illnesses and use fewer sick days. Purchasing one of our counter tops or one of our water tower water and sparkling water filtration systems for the office in Canada by Naturizzata is a wise company decision. Employees will drink more water once they discover the pure, clean taste of our filtered water.

In addition, your team members will realize that you are taking steps to improve their health and well-being. This will lead to increased job satisfaction, an improved working environment for you and your team members and encouraging employees to go that extra mile for you.

This all affects your bottom line and reveals that encouraging proper hydration is an inexpensive way to increase productivity and thus revenue.

You may have noticed our Naturizzata water filtration systems around already. You see our units can be found in restaurants, hotels, gyms,spas and retail shops and more across Canada. So call now for a free consultation and estimate now.

Ensure High-Quality Water is Always Available

You may already realize the benefits of ensuring your employees are well hydrated, but are you providing viable options to accomplish this goal? There are many reasons why employees tend to be dehydrated. For example, you may believe that the tap water in your office is sufficient. The problem is that tap water is not carbonated, chilled or purified. Some individuals may not like the taste of water from the tap, whereas others may be concerned about the impurities contained in unfiltered drinking water.

Even if you currently have a water cooler in your office, it may not be large enough to accommodate all of your employees. The water dispensed may not remain cool throughout day, discouraging employees from drinking in the afternoon. Standing water has also led to debates about sanitation issues, and many articles have been written about the chemicals contained in plastic water bottles.

Other employees may choose not to drink the bottled water you provide because they are concerned about the contamination of bacteria or the harmful effects on the environment due to the pollution and recycling involved. Read more about the effects of bottled water.

Our Italian-designed, water and sparkling water filtration systems for the office in Canada by Naturizzata are available in counter and tower units, depending on your needs. Some of the models we offer have a very small footprint and are perfect for smaller offices. If you run a large office with a high number of employees, you may opt for a larger free-standing unit. They provide a large chilling capacity and unlimited quantity, ensuring that all of your employees will have access to incredibly tasting filtered water while they are at work.

Replace Bottled Plastic Water in the Boardroom

Do you still offer employees bottled plastic water when they enter the boardroom for a meeting? That is a thing of the past, as plastic bottles are expensive, not environmentally friendly and take up a lot of space. Instead, why not purchase one of our water and sparkling water filtration systems for the office in Canada by Naturizzata? Another option is to distribute designer glass carafes branded with your company logo to every employee. These bottles are not only elegant, they are also reusable, refillable and environmentally friendly. It’s time to start setting your company apart from your competitors by providing high-quality, incredibly tasting filtered water.