Benefits of Naturizzata Water Filtration

We offer the most eco-friendly water filtration and purification systems in Canada. There are many benefits of Naturizzata water filtration systems; Naturizzata Water can help your company increase your revenue, increase your efficiency and help the environment at the same time! Our experts have spent 30 years working to create the highest quality water filtration systems in Canada. Water is our business and creating healthy hydration systems for clients worldwide is our goal. Our world-class technology is incorporated into each of our water filtration models. This enables you to produce an unlimited volume of chilled and sparkling water that has an incredible taste and quality and is always cold.

Increase Employee Health

If you own a restaurant, hotel, spa, gym, retail or have an office, you’ll increase the health of your employees by choosing one of our high-quality water filtration systems. Water is definitely the healthiest choice of beverage, and our filtered Italian filtered water contains zero impurities. This makes it even healthier and better tasting than the other brands currently available. Employees will enjoy the finest and healthiest chilled, flat and sparkling water available. As a business owner, you know that healthy employees are happier, more productive employees.

Increase Your Efficiency

As a business owner, you are probably constantly trying to think of new ways to increase your efficiency. The problem is that many options are often too costly, too inconvenient, or too difficult to implement. That’s why you should consider one of our high-quality, eco-friendly water filtration and purification systems in Canada. Naturizzata Water offers a wide choice of Counter tops and Water Tower models. One of the benefits of Naturizzata water filtration systems is that they eliminate the need to order bottled water. You’ll also save time by not having to transfer water bottles from storage areas to refrigerators. Last but not least, you won’t spend any unnecessary time or money recycling empty glass or plastic bottles.

Increase Your Environmental Commitment

You can increase your environmental commitment by purchasing one of our eco-friendly water filtration systems. In Canada, Naturizzata Water is one of the leading providers of environmentally friendly water systems. By choosing one of our products, you can become an eco-friendly citizen and business. Our Naturizzata water filtration systems reduce the pollution created in the manufacturing and transport of single-use bottles. They also reduce the number of plastic and glass bottles that end up in our parks, landfills and oceans. You can also set a positive example for your guests, friends and family members by minimizing your environmental impact.

Naturizzata Water also offers a Water4 Life program, appealing to eco-conscious guests. Our current membership is 10,000 plus and growing every day. More and more businesses are deciding to buy local and drink local, and our water purification systems are a great way to start. You can offer your guests a world-class choice of healthy, exceptionally pure still and sparkling water – free of sodium and preservatives.

Increase Your Revenue

We offer a large selection of under counter, above counter and free-standing water filtration units. Purchasing one is a very wise investment, as you will save a lot of money. Ninety percent of the cost of bottled water is for the plastic or glass used. Just think about how much you currently spend on purchasing and storing plastic or glass bottles. Do you have refillable water stations in your office? If so, you can eliminate the cost of refilling them every month. Your employees can enjoy healthier, better tasting filtered water, which will also reduce employee sick time. All of these benefits of purchasing our Naturizzata water filtration systems add up to an increase in revenue for your business.

Call now or fill out our online form and be one of Naturizzata Water trend setters by starting off with a free estimate and at the same time we will be happy to provide you with the necessary information so your business can make the best choice.

Environmental Impact / Increase Your Efficiency

Below you will find how devastating the use plastic water bottles can be to Mother earth. When you have finished reading the data below you will see why choosing our water filtration systems are the way to go. We carry a selection of counter tops and water tower water filtration systems that can be used in a variety of commercial industries including restaurants/bars, hotels, spas, gyms,retail and even for offices.

But don’t take our word for it feel free to check out what our clients have to say about our water/sparkling filtration units. After that feel free to call us or fill out an online form and someone will call you back with a free estimate and wealth of knowledgeable information to help decide which unit is best suited for your business.

Alarming Statistics

Television stations and magazine articles reveal how rapidly the earth’s resources are being depleted. If you run a restaurant or hotel, you may still be using plastic water bottles instead of one of our commercial water filtration systems. In Canada, approximately 80,000 food service establishments use, on average, 20 plastic or glass disposable bottles daily. That adds up to 1.6 million disposable bottles a day, 48 million per month, and 572 million per year! More than ½ a billion disposable glass and plastic bottles are being used every year. Unfortunately, 80 percent of those are not currently being recycled, and 10 percent end up in our oceans, parks and forests.

Overcrowded Landfills

Single-use bottles are quickly filling up our landfills – an estimated 38 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every day in America alone. Plastic bottles take approximately 700 years to begin composting, and glass bottles take even longer to degrade! Imagine a continuous line of plastic water bottles encircling the planet 5 times. That is the equivalent to what is discarded in the United States every single week! Here at Naturizzata Water, we are committed to addressing these issues by offering eco-friendly water filtration systems in Canada.

Polluted Oceans

These statistics are not limited to Canada. The average American consumes 167 plastic or glass bottles of water every year. In fact, bottled water is the second most popular beverage in the United States. Plastic bottles are among the most prevalent sources of pollution found on our beaches and in our oceans. This is another reason to purchase one of our environmentally friendly water filtration systems.

According to the UN (2006), ten percent of the plastic produced every year worldwide ends up in our oceans, and every square mile of oceans contains approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic. Unfortunately, plastic doesn’t biodegrade. This contaminates soil, waterways and animals upon digestion. Plastic also poisons the food chain by breaking down into small particles that are then ingested by land and sea animals.

Harmful Manufacturing Processes

It takes 3 liters of fresh water to make 1 liter of bottled water, and 24 million gallons of oil to produce a billion plastic bottles. Producing plastic bottles for American consumption alone requires more than 17 million barrels of oil per year, not including transportation. Bottling water also produced more than 2.5 million tons of toxic carbon dioxide in 2006.

Even more alarming, the NRDC four-year study discovered that approximately 22 percent of bottled water tested contained contaminant levels that exceeded strict state laws. Twenty-five percent of all bottled water is tap water, some of which is not treated. Surprisingly, the bottled water industry opposes the FDA’s proposal to set legal limits for chemicals contained in plastic bottles. The above statistics reveal how crucial it is to reduce your carbon footprint and make your business more environmentally friendly.

Join the Environmental Trend

On a positive note, consumers and businesses are beginning to realize how important it is to preserve the environment. Purchasing one of our commercial water filtration systems in Canada can help you become a greener company. We also offer reusable glass water carafes that can be branded with your company logo. By eliminating single-use plastic and glass bottles, you will reduce the amount of waste that is filling our parks, oceans and landfills. You’ll also reduce the pollution created in the manufacturing & transportation of single-use bottles. Last but not least, less recycling will be necessary for empty plastic or glass bottles.

You’ll set a positive example for all of your friends, family and customers by finding eco-friendly options such as our innovative water purification systems. Show everyone that you are proud of going green and preserving the environment!