Benefits for Hotels

As a hotel owner, you need to do everything possible to make all of your guests feel comfortable. That’s why it’s important to create a very warm, inviting atmosphere right from the minute they step in the front door. Purchasing one of our water filtration systems for hotels in Canada by Naturizzata is a great place to start.

Treat All of Your Guests

Many hotels will offer their guests a single-use bottle of water in their room or near the reception desk of the front lobby. Why not help your hotel to stand out from all your competitors by offering your guests a little bit more? Our water purification systems produce the finest quality still and sparkling water currently available. You can treat your guests to a glass of water that tastes better than they have ever had. We offer convenient counter tops units with a small footprint, or much larger water tower units that offer a very large chilling capacity. This will ensure that all of your guests will feel refreshed and hydrated as soon as they visit your hotel.
Thanks to our water filtration systems, guests can also fill up their reusable water bottles with our fabulous tasting water every time they enter or leave your hotel. When they are inquiring about local tours or attractions, be sure to remind them to fill up for refreshing water on the go. They will appreciate these special unexpected touches. This will also make them more likely to stay at your hotel the next time they are in town and recommend it to their family and friends.
Naturizzata Water offers water filtration systems that have many commercial uses including,hotel, spa, gym, retail shops, small offices and more.

Build Your Reputation as a Green Hotel

Nowadays, more focus is being placed on the importance of businesses becoming green and adopting environmentally friendly practices. Installing one of our water filtration systems for your hotels in Canada by Naturizzata will show guests and the local community that you care about the environment. Our Italian-designed systems use the latest technology to produce the best tasting water in a very eco-friendly manner. No plastic is required to manufacture thousands of single-use bottles, no recycling is needed or filling up our landfills and no pollution from transportation is involved. This one step will greatly reduce your hotel’s carbon footprint and enhance the reputation of your company.

Ensure an Unlimited Quantity of Water

If you run a very large or popular hotel, ensuring water is available to all of your guests can quickly become a major challenge. Just imagine how much money and time you need to spend to purchase thousands and thousands of plastic water bottles to place in each room. Why not install a high-quality Naturizzata water filtration system in your hotel lobby instead? This will ensure that your guests have access to an unlimited quantity of refreshing, filtered water 24/7.

Increase Your Brand Power

With so many options to stay, it is essential that you market your hotel effectively. If you choose to purchase one of our water filtration systems for hotels in Canada by Naturizzata, you can talk to our design experts. They can create elegant glass water carafes that display your company logo. You can give all of your preferred guests one of these reusable bottles when they check in. Guests will be impressed by this thoughtful perk and your commitment to saving the environment. Better yet, they’ll be reminded of their wonderful stay each time they take a sip of water from one of our logo branded bottles!