Benefits – Gyms / Fitness Centers / Yoga Studios

Set a Positive Example

As a gym, fitness center, or yoga studio owner, you are probably already very aware of the benefits of hydration. Drinking lots of water is one of the most important ways to remain healthy. Keeping your body well hydrated increases your energy and ability to concentrate, while also reducing stress and anxiety. One way to promote proper hydration is to include one of our Naturizzata water and sparkling filtration systems for gyms. You can set a positive example to all of your friends, family members and clients by providing them with the finest quality still or sparkling water. They’ll appreciate the difference quality makes every time they refill their water bottle with our fabulous tasting filtered water.

If you currently operate a small-scale fitness center or yoga studio, an counter tops with a small system footprint may be a better option. It won’t take up valuable floor space, but it will provide your guests with a healthy option to remain hydrated. This is especially important after they have been working out intensely and sweating and need to replenish their bodily fluids. We can also help you select one of our water tower water/sparkling water filtration systems as well.

Our water filtration systems have many commercial uses including restaurants, hotels, spas,retail shops, small offices and more.

Become an Eco-Friendly Business

Are you struggling to find inexpensive and uncomplicated ways to become more environmentally friendly? If so, you’re certainly not alone, but purchasing one of our Naturizzata water and sparkling filtration systems for your gym is a great start. We can help you select one of the free-standing, under counter or over counter models to suit your needs and budget.

You can take comfort in the fact that you are reducing the alarming number of plastic and glass single-use bottles that are quickly filling up our landfills. Our water filtration systems also reduce the amount of pollution produced during the manufacturing and transporting of plastic bottles. By purchasing one of our Italian-designed systems, you can show your customers how easy it is to take steps to going green and reducing your carbon footprint.

Provide a Luxury Solution to Guests

Another way to distinguish your gym, yoga studio or fitness center from others in your area is to offer your guests branded water bottles. You can provide an elegant refillable water decanter to each new member, as soon as they sign up for your gym or fitness center. They’ll be reminded that it’s time to head off to your gym each time they grab their branded water bottle. They’ll also realize that your company believes in preserving the environment and becoming as eco-friendly as possible. This luxury solution will set you apart and remind members that you want to provide them with the best possible service.

Make sure you set aside some branded water bottles to give away as door prizes to lucky individuals who visit your gym or yoga studio. Choosing one of our Naturizzata water and sparkling filtration systems for gyms is a great way to increase your membership without spending a lot of money!