Frequently Asked Questions About Our Water Filtration Systems

Q – What makes the Naturizzata water filtration systems BY SIDEA so special?

A – Naturizzata is a unique brand of filtered and purified water that is certified by international health institutions. The technology utilized to create our Naturizzata water has been in scientific development for more than 40 years. The Naturizzatori® system uses a coconut filtration system that is manufactured exclusively for SIDEA Italia, and a proprietary UV light technology to kill bacteria. SIDEA currently holds 30 worldwide patents and when combined with innovative technology, the company is able to create the highest quality of filtered water currently available.

Q – Isn’t it better to drink bottled water?

A – The answer is a resounding no! Our Naturizzata filtered and purified water contains no bacteria, no chlorine, no chemicals, and no sediment or particles from old rusting pipes. This results in water that tastes fabulous, has no odour, and no discolouration. Our water is chilled and is available sparkling or still with our water systems. The SIDEA technology completely purifies it, retaining all of the water’s natural and healthy minerals. We are able to transform water back to its natural state – from a bubbling mountain spring to your table or glass! The experts at Naturizzata have over 30 years of scientific development as well as numerous health certifications and international patents. This guarantees that every drop of Naturizzata filtered and purified water is clear and refreshing.

Q – What is the difference between Naturizzata water filtration systems and bottled water?

A – Naturizzata filtered and purified water systems doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives, meaning you can safely leave it on a shelf for years. Our water also doesn’t sit on a factory shelf, then a truck, a ship, another truck and a refrigerator before it arrives at your table. Naturizzata filtered water doesn’t consume gas and oil in transportation, and it doesn’t pollute the environment with greenhouse gases. Each bottle of great tasting Naturizzata purified water is served fresh, in an eco-friendly way.

Q – My clients prefer brand-name bottled water, so why should I change?

A – Many brand-name products pollute the environment, mislead consumers, and experience quality issues. Customers today are interested in discovering new, eco-friendly products. We are excited to offer an eco-friendly filtered water and sparkling water solution that can help you promote buying and drinking local and becoming greener. Whether our refreshing water is delivered in elegant glass water decanters or from our Italian-designed filtration systems, your customers will find a trendy and eco-friendly water product at your establishment. Thousands of hotels, restaurants and other businesses have chosen alternatives to disposable plastic and glass bottles. This is your opportunity to make a difference!

Q – What do I have to do to maintain my equipment?

A – Nothing! Naturizzata Water will handle all service and maintenance of your water filtration system.

Here are some more common frequently asked questions about our water filtration systems in Canada:

Q – How many bottles will I need?

A – Depending on your volume, you will initially receive 48 bottles as part of your package. If you require additional bottles or need replacements, Naturizzata Water will provide them at a low cost.

Q – How cold should my water be?

A – The temperature of the filtered water unit is a personal preference, but we suggest 40 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius.

Q – How sparkling is our water?

A – Another advantage of Naturizzata Water is that you can adjust the amount of sparkling to suit your clientele. A Naturizzata Water a water filtration technician will show you how to make the adjustment when installing your equipment.

Q – What do I need to get started?

A – All you need is space for the system, a water connection, electrical outlet (110-volt with 2 plugs available within 3 feet of the equipment), and a water source.

Q – What is required from me and my staff to install the equipment?

A – Nothing! Our technicians will handle everything. When the water filtration system is installed, the technician will explain how the system works and then you’re all set.