5 Ways Restaurants Can Use Sparkling & Chilled Water Filtration Systems


Talking about the environmental benefits of a water filtration system is great – we all want to do our part to ensure that the world is a better place for future generations. But many restaurants need to know: “what are the immediate benefits of a water filtration system?”

Here are a few ways clean, clear water can be used in a restaurant to provide diners with the best experience possible while remaining affordable and eco-friendly!

#1 Create Amazing Soups, Sauces and More

Instead of just plain tap water or worse, bottled water, use filtered water in your soups and sauces. The difference is subtle, but it will leave a lasting impression.

#2 Experiment with Sparkling Water

With a still and sparkling water system, you have the opportunity to experiment with sparkling water – try something new and exciting! – without any additional cost! Try using it in your pizza dough instead of still water to add a bit of pizzazz to your pizza; make iced tea, juice, lemonade and other beverages with sparkling water to give your diners a bit of fizz; or even use sparkling water to make special iceberg ice cubes! The effects are astounding.

#3 Make Your Beverages Stand Out

Even if you opt to use still water in your beverages, the clean, crisp water still shines in lemonade, tea, coffee and more. Not sure why your coffee and espressos taste off? It might not be the machine or the coffee grinds – it could be your water!

#4 Free Up Some Fridge Space

Now that you aren’t storing a million water bottles in your fridge, you can make room for the other essentials – condiments, sauces, vegetables – whatever it is you need to keep overnight!

#5 Save Money, Stay Hydrated & Save the Environment

You can remove the budget for bottled water from your monthly costs… as well as the budget for storing and disposing of these bottles! In addition, your employees can help themselves to clean, crisp water at no charge to you (or them!), keeping them hydrated and happy throughout their work day.

Really, everyone wins with a water filtration system.

There are probably many more ways that a water filtration system changes your daily water usage for the better! Add your comments below to share your favourite experiences.

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