5 Reasons for an Office Sparkling & Chilled Water Filtration System


Last March, we talked about Water in the Workplace, and how having access to quality drinking water (whether chilled or sparkling) can make your office a more efficient and effective environment. Today, we’d like to tell you the top five reasons for investing in a countertop Sparkling & Chilled Water Filtration System for your workplace.

#1 Environmentally Friendly

These units reduce waste in all forms – from the plastic or glass water bottles that you might currently be using, to the paper cups that are used with traditional water coolers. Countertop Sparking & Chilled Water Filtration Systems provide unlimited water without the use of plastic or glass containers. Employees can bring in their reusable water bottles and fill them up as needed to enjoy quality refreshment at their leisure.

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#2 Save Money

Installing an Countertop Sparkling & Chilled Water Filtration System requires the initial unit cost and that’s about it. After that, the water is free. Did we mention that it’s unlimited? No need to worry about purchasing new water jugs for the water cooler – because it simply doesn’t use them. Storage, paper cups, additional water sources, these will no longer create a mark on the budget.

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#3 Keeps Staff Hydrated

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important, not just for a healthy body, but also for a healthy mind. Studies show that staying properly hydrated actually keeps you focused and gives your brain the juice, so to speak, to find solutions to the problems life tends to throw at us.

We outlined the 8 reasons you (and your employees) should drink more water – it’s worth a read.

#4 Mix it up

There are certain stigmas associated with the traditional plastic water coolers. Whether that is leaching plastics, added sodium, preservatives, unknown length of time in the bottle, a question of if there are minerals left in the water or if there is even enough cold water for everyone. With a countertop filtration system, those stigmas are no longer there. Your employees and colleagues can take as much or as little water as they want. They can bring juice mix in and make their own juice; or they can even enjoy sparkling water without the hefty price tag of premium-bottled sparkling water!

These 7 everyday drinks are made even better with the use of sparkling water. Try it out at your office!

#5 Easy Access

Countertop Sparkling & Chilled Water Filtration Systems are easy to access. They sit on the counter where everyone can reach them! Place yours by the cupboard with the drinking glasses, beside the sink or on a separate counter in your main office space – it’s up to you. Each system requires a different amount of space and provides anywhere from 25 litres to 170 litres of chilled still or sparkling water per hour and on demand.

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