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Welcome to Naturizzata Water

At Naturizzata Water, we are proud to offer the highest quality, most eco-friendly Naturizzata Water Filtration Systems & Carbonated Water Dispenser Systems in Canada. We have partnered with an Italian company, SIDEA ITALIA, whose dedicated team of engineers, scientists and designers have spent 30 years to recreate the pure, clear water found in bubbling brooks or rushing mountain streams.

Environmentally-Friendly Options

Our Naturizzata water filtration systems in Canada available from Naturizzata Water are not only good for your revenue and the health of your clients and employees, but also the environment. The bottling process we use is very eco-friendly.

Save time, hassle, and money

Our crystal clear Naturizzata water can be bottled right at your establishment, saving you money and preventing the need for transport.

At La Lousiane we are always looking to be a step ahead, looking for the next best thing for our clients. “Never stand still” is our adage. Today it is about the total dining experience so we upped our game and brought in the specialized water system from Naturizzata Water Co. for all our clients. Not only does the water taste incredible and go along with our philosophy of doing whatever we can for the environment; it also cleanses your palette perfectly for the next taste of our Cajun and Creole flavors. Great product!

Kyle Kerr, Owner, La Lousiane


Testimonials, not our usual thing, however Naturizzta Water Co. Deserves one! First of all, great decision on our part to go with Naturizzata, as we had a couple of choices. The water itself is fabulous and the system is easy to use and problem free. We bought and had them install one of their smaller units, but after 2 months we called them back and told them that the water was so popular that we needed a larger unit after all to keep up with the demand. Without a question, they came by and switched out the units and upgraded the machine. We have a second restaurant and now a second system. Great water, great people!

Oliver Zimbel, Owner, Brasserie Lucilles


Best decision I could have made for my team at IQWare! I didn’t realize how important water was until after I installed the Naturizzata system and my staff keeps thanking me. From the purchase to the installation to after care service, thank you Naturizzata Freshwater!

Francois Greffard, Chief Operating Officer, IQWare International

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