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Restaurants serve up tap water amid claims plastic bottled water pollutes. Click to view an ABC news report on mounting environmental issues related to plastic bottled water.

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Welcome to Naturizzata Water!

At Naturizzata Water, we are proud to offer the highest quality, most eco-friendly Naturizzata water filtration systems in Canada. We have partnered with an Italian company, SIDEA ITALIA, whose dedicated team of engineers, scientists and designers have spent 30 years to recreate the pure, clear water found in bubbling brooks or rushing mountain streams. The company has many international patents for its unique, eco-friendly water filtration method called Naturizzatore®. Our Italian designed sparkling and still water, Naturizzata, contains absolutely no impurities, making it not only thirst-quenching and better tasting, but also the healthiest beverage available.

Enjoy Environmentally-Friendly Options

Our Naturizzata water filtration systems in Canada available from Naturizzata Water are not only good for your revenue and the health of your clients and employees, but also the environment. The bottling process we use is very eco-friendly. This reduces harm to the environment by eliminating waste and reducing the pollution created in the manufacturing and transportation of single-use bottles. Just imagine how many plastic and glass water bottles will be diverted from the landfills, parks and oceans when you select one of our water filtration systems for your business. You can serve your clients tasty filtered Naturizzata water, knowing that you are doing your part to contribute to a greener future.

Save Time, Hassle and Money

Our crystal clear Naturizzata water can be bottled right at your establishment, saving you money and preventing the need for transport. You can enjoy all of the benefits of great tasting prepackaged glass and plastic bottled water, without needing to worry about purchasing, storage or refrigeration. Regular bottled water is costly and inconvenient to recycle and store. Naturizzata Water can ensure you and your clients enjoy refreshing chilled, still and sparkling water, filtered directly from the tap.

Distinguish Your Company

It is important for any company new or old to distinguish itself from competitors. One simple and inexpensive way to stand out is by installing one of our commercial water filtration systems at your place of business. Our designer water can also be served in elegant, reusable glass bottles displaying your company logo. These bottles are very distinctive and have become very popular with consumers.

Your clients will quickly taste the difference when they try some of our Italian water instead of serving tap water or water in prepackaged plastic bottles. Every time your clients take a sip of our refreshing water and see your logo on the bottle, they will be reminded of your company. Our talented designers can work with you to produce a high-quality, professional company logo on each water bottle. We offer an inexpensive yet very effective method to successfully brand your business.

Join Our Water4 Life Program

Many of our customers choose to participate in our Water4 Life Program. Together with our partners, Naturizzata Water has created a program that will benefit your health, the environment and your wallet. When you become a member, you can enjoy the freshest, healthiest, most eco-friendly water on the planet any of our participating establishments. Simply show your VIP card, and Naturizzata still and sparkling water will be served to you and your guests complimentary of the establishment while you dine. As a member, you can also refill your bottles at any of our filling stations.

If you're ready to propel your business, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right Naturizzata water filtration systems in Canada or branded reusable water bottles for your company!

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